Putnam Exam 2019

December has arrived, which brings with it not just the holidays and the finals, but also the Putnam exam!

It will take place this Saturday, December 7, from 9:00am-12:00pm and 2:00pm-5:00pm in PHSC 1105. All you need to bring are writing instruments (and perhaps erasers, if that is something you would like to have available). Accordingly, the last session of the Problem-Solving seminar will take place this Thursday, December 5.

There are two three-hour sessions because you will get a different set of six problems for each session (the A problems in the morning, and the B problems in the afternoon). During the two hour break, we will get lunch. We will start right at 9:00am, so please make sure to arrive a few minutes early.

For planning purposes, if you intend to take the exam please email jachavezd [ at ] ou.edu to let us know (even if you are not completely sure). If you know other students who might be interested, please do share this information with them.

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